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Your βetamorphosis offer

With the rapid pace of change and growing power of the customer, our world is more demanding than ever. We offer a way to boost your team flexibility, resilience and effectiveness to thrive in this challenging context.

Start your βetamorphosis

βetamorphosis is our unique, low-disruption, high-impact team coaching programme. In the course of 12 weeks, we coach your team for a change in three key areas:

  • Ownership: responsibility, excellence and initiative
  • Collaboration: communication, respect and interdependence
  • Innovation: creativity, courage and continuous improvement

The programme is delivered through weekly 2-hour team coaching sessions at the team location. We aim at keeping disruptions at a minimum and our sessions can often be embedded into existing team rituals.

Our βetamorphosis coaching programme is suitable for all types of teams from agile product teams to project teams, management teams and task forces. The 12 weeks include

  • An initial goal-setting session
  • A kick-off workshop
  • 10 team coaching sessions
  • A retrospective workshop

Our winter offer for the programme is EUR 7.500,- (ex) for teams of up to 8 people. Anywhere in the Netherlands.

Free mindset health check

We offer our new clients a free 4-hour agile mindset health check. No strings attached. All you need to do is book before 28 February, 2019.

Contact us on +31 6 2129 6283 for more