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coaching can help

Our agile mindset coaching takes teams and individuals on a journey of discovery.

Reflection and change are not events.

They’re an integral part of growth and development. That’s why we call our approach to team and individual coaching βetamorphosis. It’s a unique journey of continuous improvement that combines evidence-based professional coaching and a toolkit of agile, scrum, kanban, lean, design thinking and psychometrics.

Everybody gets stuck at times

We're all occasionally affected by indecision, frustration or boredom. Or that nagging feeling that we're not, somehow, fulfilling our potential. Agile mindset coaching isn't just for teams or IT. It works for everyone that believes in the importance of reflection and change.

And even the best teams aren't immune

New processes, communication issues, the wrong or poorly used tools and pressure can all conspire to throw us off course. We all know the symptoms: fire-fighting, quality issues, rework, frustration, stress, disengagement… And although we know how crucial innovation is for survival, time after time, great ideas get shelved due to resource issues.

You'd be surprised what a big difference one small step can make

Often it's tempting to focus on short-term goals and quick-fixes. But you need the right mindset and the right environment to succeed. Our tailored coaching and workshops support you on your journey as an individual or bring your team's agile transformation to the next level. And we can even join your in-house team for a mind-set boost.

KODA Coaching comes in three flavours. No vanilla.

Our approach is simple: we believe an Agile mindset rests on three pillars: Ownership, Collaboration and Innovation. We help you tackle challenges through individual and team coaching, workshops or interim projects.


If you’re not sure which approach would work best, don’t worry. Take a look at the descriptions below and give us a call. We’ll be happy to advise you. You’ll be surprised what a big difference one small step can make.


For individuals and teams

Embrace the moment. And move forward.

With the rapid pace of change, our world is more demanding than ever. Keeping up with it all requires flexibility, adaptability, ongoing transformation and innovation.

What resources do you have to thrive in this challenging context? Coaching is one of the most powerful and low-threshold ways to bring about lasting changes.

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For agile solutions

Untangle issues. Create focus.

Agile grass-roots efforts that are driven from within small enclaves can work. But quite often, once the initial wave of inspiration wanes, pressure starts building to show tangible results.

Our workshops employ Agile, Design Thinking and Lean to help you generate focus and solutions that work in your ecosystem.

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For agile projects

Agile coach as a transformation partner.

Sometimes an agile coach that partners with you on your work floor is the best way to take your transformation or implementation to the next level.

Next to working alongside teams in IT, we specialise in helping bridge the space between IT and business, in unifying product teams and in bringing agility to projects and programmes.

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