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We’re all about boosting client satisfaction and time to market by helping you create the right agile business mindset. We do this through coaching with a unique combination of psychometric tools, agile principles and our expertise in creativity.

All teams get stuck at times

Ineffective processes, communication issues and the wrong or poorly used tools can all conspire to throw us off course. We all know the symptoms: fire-fighting, quality issues, rework, frustration, stress, disengagement… And although we know how crucial innovation is for survival, time after time, great ideas get shelved due to resource issues.

You’d be surprised by how easily many of these things can be helped

Often it's tempting to focus on short-term goals and quick-fixes. But you need the right mindset, the right motivation and the right environment to succeed. Our tailored coaching and workflow, innovation and collaboration workshops will kick-start your transformation.

We partner with our clients to co-create solutions that work for them

We’ve decades of experience in unravelling the knottiest issues in teams and organisations of all shapes and sizes. And we won’t just drop you and walk away–if you need ongoing guidance and support, we’re available to coach you and your team along the way. All you ever need to do is call us.

Koda offers workshops in three flavours. No vanilla.

Our approach is simple: our coaching and interactive workshops help you tackle challenges through one of three approaches: People, Products and 101.


If you’re not sure which area to focus on, don’t worry. Take a look at the descriptions below and give us a call. We’ll be happy to advise you. You’ll be surprised what a big difference one small step can make.


Coaching and workshops for an agile mindset

Boost performance, engagement and collaboration.

People dynamics and a collaborative climate are critical for success. Creativity, interactions and communication are all heavily influenced by different individual preferences and experiences. Up to 80% of all difficulties in organisations stem from strained relationships. We use individual, team and leadership coaching and communication arts to boost innovation, collaboration and understanding.

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Design thinking and product flow workshops

Create products your clients love, faster. Boost collaboration.

Collisions between teams and product flows can be highly charged. Differences in expertise, cultures and approaches conspire to drain creative energy. But when things flow, creativity and innovation thrive. Our product flow workshops employ Design Thinking, Lean, agility and communication arts to help you generate solutions that work in your ecosystem.

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Intro workshops: Design Thinking, Agile, Lean, Coaching

Equip your teams with proven tools to redesign their routines.

Sometimes we simply don’t have the right tools for the job. Many teams waste enormous amounts of time adapting their tools and processes rather than focusing on their core business goals. Small tweaks in process or deployment of a new working method can make the world of difference. Our workshops allow you to explore the possibilities Design Thinking, Coaching, Agile and Lean can offer.

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Don't waste your creative capital.

If you’ve got a challenge, why not get in touch?  We’ll be happy to meet you for a coffee to see how we can help. Or give us a call to discuss your needs.